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In the Know

March 27, 2019

Role: Art Director Creative Designer Brief in short: Promote the new professional offering from IG, keeping in mind financial regulation meaning you cannot openly state any of the benefits we offer. The Vision: What would seem like a blocker – the fact we cannot mention key benefits of the...

it’s a Knock-out

Role: Art Director Creative Designer Video production: Saeid Samimi Brief in short: Create a campaign to promote a new trading product ‘knock-outs’. The Vision: Finally, a game-changing trading product that gives you full control. Knock-outs enable you to set your own margin and your risk, giving you more flexibility...

Join The Elite

June 29, 2018

Role: Art Director Creative Designer Illustrator: George Katralis Copywriter: Rob Hollamby Brief in short: Create a campaign to promote a Scandinavian Trading Roadshow. The campaign must stand out visually to other similar trading roadshows, and highlight the well known speakers at the event. The Vision: IG is no ordinary...

Redefine your Expectations

May 1, 2018

Brief Raise awareness for the biggest innovation in 10 years, the IG new trading platform. Role Art Direction Creative Design Copywriter: Jack Watkins The Vision A new era of trading has begun. A platform reimagined, expectations redefined. You can now experience the pinnacle of innovation – technology that anticipates...

Face Value

December 21, 2017

Brief The brief for this campaign was to create a social video to increase brand awareness Role Art Direction Copywriter: Jack Watkins Video Production: IG Video Team The Vision We’re a world-leading provider of online trading. With more than 40 years in the financial markets, we possess the experience,...

Trade the night

October 27, 2017

Role: Creative Designer Brief in short: Create a campaign to showcase the company’s 10 year anniversary in France. The Vision: This campaign uses a creative previously imagined by the creative director. My role in this campaign was to take a skyline of dubai from a previous campaign which was...

Seamless Trading

October 27, 2017

Role: Art Director Creative Designer Video Production: IG Video Department Brief in short: Create a set of online videos to promote the new IG Trading platform. This is a soft sell, The Vision: This concept is a pretty simple one, showcasing the new trading platform. Competitor research showed that...

The bitcoin impression

October 27, 2017

Brief Create a social video to highlight the companies crypto trading offering.   Role Art Direction Video Production: IG Video Department  The Vision The vision behind this campaign was to create a digital pin effect video, which showcased the offering of the company with a techy look and feel.

Take a position

June 26, 2017

Brief Create an online video campaign to promote how clients and prospects can trade the upcoming snapchat IPO, including a grey market. Taking into consideration things learnt from previous IPO’s such as volatility and opportunity. The creative must be easily recognisable, eye catching and really embody the snapchat brand,...